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Kevin Hicks is a B.A.C. Artist 


Kevin Hicks' horn is a BAC Custom Classic Model 6. It has an 7 3/4 inch hand hammered yellow brass bell with a soldered bead. The tuning slide is gold brass and has a BAC #3 taper. The horn's neckpipe is a BAC R taper and is made of yellow brass. The hand slide is a .491/.500 dual bore with yellow brass outer slides and a yellow brass crook. The leadpipe in the horn is also yellow brass and is a BAC B0 taper.


The horn was left unlacquered except for the BAC signature black inner bell. The tuning slide features a BAC Signature Loop ©.

Buy a Paseo Trombone!!!

I love BAC! My trombone has been serving me so well. It’s a BAC Custom Classic Model 6 and it’s the most versatile horn I’ve ever played. Most recently BAC has been working on a line of handmade trombones that are widely available and about a thousand dollars less than my horn! It’s The Paseo Trombone and it feels very similar to my custom 6. I’m saving up for one myself. If you’re looking for a new trombone and want this horn message me and I’ll help you get an inside deal on the horn!

I stand by BAC because not only do their horns play great, they are such a high quality group of people that work so hard to produce the highest quality trombones on the market!!! 


Get an insider deal on the Paseo Trombone by BAC

Kevin Hicks is a Warburton artist and plays on a Warburton mouthpiece 

11 D/S cup with a T5 shank


Kevin Hicks also plays an AKAI EWI 4000

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