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“Kevin Hicks brings a lot of fresh new techniques & approaches that really resonate with me as a trombone player. I've noticed a major steep increase in my ability since working with him. He's like a great doctor... if you got a very specific problem in your playing... he'll prescribe you the exact way to fix it"

-Ben Ah Sue, Top Shelf Brass Band


Let's get serious about music!  Online lessons are safe, flexible, customized, effective, and affordable, and offer wide-ranging benefits both personal and professional… 

Kevin Hicks rate for a one-time lesson is $100/hour. $80/hour if you sign up for regularly scheduled lessons.

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  • Enjoy a flexible lesson schedule from the comfort of your own home with no commute and no babysitters!

  • Reduce stress, increase brain function, bring music and culture back into your life!

  • Develop professional-level skills that could take you to the top of the amateur scene or beyond:


                        Recording yourself

                        Developing a daily routine

                        Learning – and writing – tunes!

                        Developing a basic understanding of piano


                        Ear training     



                        Standard chord progressions (2-5-1’s, etc.)


                        Number charts

  • Enjoy the community of a shared forum experience with other students



Kevin Hicks offers:


  1. Credentials – strong performance and teaching resume including Downbeat awards and multiple degrees in Performance and Music Education from the University of North Texas and the University of Florida.

  2. Experience – Hicks’ history with hundreds of students in online music classes at the college level demonstrates his understanding of the importance of communication and organization.

  3. Informed use of technology – extensive research of online music education and the many tools available through technology.

  4. Humble and open-minded – Always looking for new ways of looking at things and respectful of the fact that everyone’s understanding is unique.

  5. Assessment – innovative assessment tools allow Hicks to understand your ability better and know how to customize your learning. That’s right, you will get worksheet assignments!


“Kevin Hicks is a phenomenal jazzer, teacher, and trombonist. I've joined his online lesson studio, and after having one lesson with him today, I already feel like I have a better understanding of jazz theory and improvisation. Trust me when I say that he is worth every penny you invest.”

David Rice


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Other Quotes from students

“I think anyone who is interested in learning jazz or music in general, regardless or your instrument, should get on board with this deal. When I first signed up, I wasn't sure what I'd be getting into, but I'm glad I did invest these lessons. I've gotten way better at lots of concepts that I only had a vague familiarity with at the start of college. My writing has improved tenfold, I can keep time better than I could at the start of the semester, I'm getting more gigs now and networking more, and my musical ideas have really grown and developed in ways I didn't think possible. Kevin Hicks is a UNT alum, was lead bone in the One O'Clock Lab Band, but also knows how virtually every instrument works in a musical setting. He's taught people who are now in the One O'Clock, avid bandleaders, composers, and arrangers, and people who simply wanted to get better, and have. ” -David Rice


“Kevin Hicks is a great teacher who is amazing in what he does with music! I've worked with him both in person and via his online lesson studio and I am very grateful to have such a talented resource. I took some of the skills learned with him, sight reading in particular, straight to the audition circuit and experienced the success of his guidance.

If you're hoping to improve your musicianship, or know someone who is, please check out what he's all about and sign up for some lessons!” –Chris Reaves



“Anyone who considers the idea of taking music lessons (no matter the instrument) should stop what they're doing and sign up for Kevin's online music studio immediately! This man has done wonders for my playing and continues to guide me down the right path every single lesson! Whether it's improving my time and feel, analyzing tunes, teaching me theory, or even teaching me how to act classy and professional; this is your guy for learning how to become a successful jazz musician. You still have time to sign up! As a student who studies under him weekly, I can assure you IT IS WORTH IT.” –Wyatt Thomas


“The one single person that influenced my own playing and has offered the most effective and down to earth tips and lessons on jazz trombone. Kevin shared the most valuable lesson I've ever had with me several years ago and I've seen it transform my playing. His concept on practicing time has allowed me to learn a vast array of styles and technique simply because he showed me the secret to great feel and style over all styles of music. Lessons in his online studio have provided the tools I needed to take my music one step further. In addition, Monster sight reader is an essential purchase for any musician. His execution of this practice has made Kevin the best sight reader I've ever witnessed. Thank you for your approach to sharing your own concepts with the Trombone world.” - Steve Anderson




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