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  • Basic Music Patron

    Every month
    Help me put out a consistent output of original content
    • Access to the most current music and videos
    • MP3 downloads
    • Exclusive content and behind the scenes
  • TV Warm Up Videos

    Every month
    25 videos to help trombonists visualize while warming up
     30 day free trial
    • Introduction to Trombone Visualizer warmup videos
    • 3 variations on 3 long-tones videos with Drone Chords
    • 2 variations on 4 lip-slurs videos with Drone Chords
    • 2 variations on 3 range warm-up videos with Drone Chords
    • 3 PDF's of the warmup exercises written out
    • Live Zoom or Skype Events
  • TV Easy Chords

    Every month
    Trombone Visualizer Easy Chord Practice
     7 day free trial
    • Access to all "Easy Chord" Practice Drone Chords Videos
    • Productive ways to practice over Chord Drones
    • Access to "Easy 2-5-1 Jazz Etudes" Videos
    • PDF Downloads of things to practice over the chords & etudes
    • Monthly live video group class
  • Hardcore Patron

    Every month
    Help me put serious resources behind my projects
    • Access to all paid sections of
    • Always on the guest list for live ticketed concerts
    • Backstage access when available
    • WAV file and video downloads
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