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6 Private Lessons over the internet

Take 6 music lessons with Kevin Hicks. By taking 6 lessons you'll be more motivated to improve. With follow up lessons you'll have assignments and reasons to practice and apply what you learned. Together we will create a plan to accomplish your goals in music, whether they're simply to enjoy making music more, or to become a serious professional. You'll also save $100 by purchasing 6 lessons up front.

6 Private Lessons over the internet

    • Enjoy a flexible lesson schedule from the comfort of your own home with no commute and no babysitters!

    • Reduce stress, increase brain function, bring music and culture back into your life!

    • Develop professional-level skills that could take you to the top of the amateur scene or beyond:


                            Recording yourself

                            Developing a daily routine

                            Learning – and writing – tunes!

                            Developing a basic understanding of piano


                            Ear training     



                            Standard chord progressions (2-5-1’s, etc.)


                            Number charts

    • Enjoy the community of a shared forum experience with other students



    Kevin Hicks offers:


    • Credentials – strong performance and teaching resume including Downbeat awards and multiple degrees in Performance and Music Education from the University of North Texas and the University of Florida.

    • Experience – Hicks’ history with hundreds of students in online music classes at the college level demonstrates his understanding of the importance of communication and organization.

    • Informed use of technology – extensive research of online music education and the many tools available through technology.

    • Humble and open-minded – Always looking for new ways of looking at things and respectful of the fact that everyone’s understanding is unique.

    • Assessment – innovative assessment tools allow Hicks to understand your ability better and know how to customize your learning. That’s right, you will get worksheet assignments!

  • You can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied with your lesson experience. You will be responsible for paying for lesson time you've already spent and refunded the rest.

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