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Available in both the Treble Clef and Bass Clef Versions, the Sight Reading Monster is a must if you want to refine your sight reading skills and win more auditions. This book is continuing to sell more and more. Order your copy of the Sight Reading Monster today!

Get the Bass Clef Version to practice the low notes (instruments like trombone, bass, and tuba) and the Treble Clef Version to practice most other instruments. Both books include the same rhythm sheets. Contact Kevin Hicks if you'd like a "Classroom Set"


It’s time to get serious about going back to school strong and prepared for music classes (and your music career for that matter) because Monster Sight-Reading skills will win you auditions and top positions in many bands.


If you think you’re good at sight reading, well, you might be… BUT you should test yourself by getting my very inexpensive book and say the note names/rhythms as fast as you can.



"So many people neglect Sight-Reading practice and you might initially think “those people are lazy” or “they don’t really take it seriously” but I've noticed that they just don’t realize how easy and inexpensive it is to quickly improve at sight-reading. The proof is in Kevin Hicks’ book!!! When you spend just this little time with this amazing resource and try to beat his sight reading challenge, you’ll see why it’s such a valuable tool for any musician at any level.”

Scott Wilson - Director of Jazz Studies - University of Florida



"I love this book! It's been such a great resource. The kids all like it too. I could see measurable results within just a couple weeks of using it in daily warm ups. It turned my kids into sight reading monsters! I HIGHLY recommend this book!"

- Adam Larson Director of Bands Skyline High School


 "After applying your sight-reading method I've been able to pick up on the music much quicker"

-Eric Laddish


“I took some of the skills learned with him, sight reading in particular, straight to the audition circuit and experienced the success of his guidance.”

-Chris Reaves


“Monster sight reader is an essential purchase for any musician. His execution of this practice has made Kevin the best sight reader I've ever witnessed.”

-Steve Anderson

Sight Reading Monster - Bass Clef Version

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