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The Trombone Visualizer is for trombonists to better visualize the notes in their head. 

The Trombone Visualizer Book is a great resource to help you start seeing and thinking through music in your head. The Book is to the point and it includes definitions of the terminology used in the book, info about the physics of the trombone, different uses for the trombone visualizer, the process and story about making the images as well as 2 versions of the Trombone Visualizer image and 2 versions of the bass trombone visualizer image. 


"The Trombone Visualizer is a modern breakthrough in education and completely efficient way to learn trombone and also creative improvisation"

-Scott Wilson

Director of Jazz Studies University of Florida

"I was so excited to stumble upon your instructional book. Your slide positions chart is so much easier to read than any other I've come across. It will be a tremendous help in learning the instrument" 

- Eric Chandler

"The poster arrived today. It looks great and I can't wait to use it in my class!"

-Peter Bye

Trombone Visualizer Book

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  • The Trombone Visualizer book is a book to help trombonists to see and think through the music in their mind. It can help you see the notes in your mind and excute a plan to play the notes in sequence. The book also includes definitions of terminology used, info about the physics of the trombone, uses for the visualizer, the process of making the image as well as the Trombone Visualizer and Bass Trombone Visualizer images.

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