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Wave Tripping was released 02/17/2017. It features Kevin Hicks writing, improvisation, and approach to the standard jazz repertoire. It also features his group Cooper Appelt on bass, Abe Lagrimas Jr. on Drums, Austin Byrd on Keys, and guest artists, Nick Mancini, Brian Mantz, Ben Bohorquez, and Kyle O'Donnell. While maintaining a respect to the jazz musicians of the past, Hicks also pushes the boundaries with his approach to writing and improvisation. Order a physical copy of the album from the Homepage for $15 + shipping! It's also available on iTunes and CDBaby.

"Kevin Hicks' "Wave Tripping" is an eclectic mix of style and moods that allows his robust and contemporary trombone voice to shine through on every track. Whether it's cooking along on the title track or burning it up on Wayne Shorters "Yes or No" Kevin and his adept rhythm section keep the fires burning. A wonderful debut recording. I am sure Kevin will continue to have more to say musically in the future!"

Alex Iles

"Trombonist and Composer Kevin Hicks debut CD “Wave Tripping” is slammin’! His six originals including the title cut are very thoughtful and sound like they are a blast to play on! (I especially like “Solution”) And Kevin’s trombone playing is wonderful! Great lines, and chops with ideas that spiral out of his horn with solid organic intensity. I also enjoy his melodicism as exemplified on the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Plus, he has surrounded himself with a KILLING band of like-minded virtuosos. I highly recommend this project to all trombonists and fans of great music. Go pick one up TODAY!"



Steve Wiest

Multiple Grammy-nominated

Trombonist, Composer, Author, Cartoonist and Educator

Hi, Kevin. I love the CD I bought! The music is fabulous. Just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying it.

-Sheri Humphreys

KEVIN HICKS/Wave Tripping: This young bone man has a slew of undeniable and unimpeachable credits already tucked under his Lab Band graduated belt and that special something he has on the ball tells you you're in the presence of a most auspicious debut. With enviable credits in and out of the classroom, this jazzbo loves his work and doesn't make it sound like he's carrying out a chore. A modernist that knows jazz backwards and forwards, this is certainly a date you have to take the time to get to know better. Hot stuff throughout.


Volume 40/Number 98

February 7, 2017


830 W. Route 22 #144

Lake Zurich, IL., 60047

CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

Copyright 2017 Midwest Record


Kevin Hicks

Wave Tripping

Biggest Sweetest

No cat. no.


The debut album from trombonist, composer, and educator Kevin Hicks is an exuberant and rollicking affair featuring a program centered on originals, and it finds him leading a quartet that sounds bigger than it is. Hicks and his band can swing hard when they want to, but they also have no problem veering off into more experimental and fusion-y territory. On “One after Another” Hicks simultaneously explores Middle Eastern modal melodies and a roughly blues-derived harmonic progression, and his take on the bossa nova standard “Wave” is gentle but sturdy. The whole album sounds, frankly, like a nonstop party attended by close friends, and it’s just tons of fun. Highly recommended.

June 2017

Wave Tripping Album (Physical CD)

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Wave Tripping, released early 2017 features six original compositions by Hicks as well as six classic songs from the Great American Songbook and by jazz greats Wayne Shorter and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It features Kevin and his accompanying trio plus 4 guest artists on various tracks throughout the album including Nick Mancini on vibes, Ben Bohorquez on tenor sax, Kyle O'Donnell on tenor sax and Brian Mantz on Trumpet.

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